Sunday, 17 June 2007

Can't Believe This
Here I am sitting mucking about, wasting time on the computer and one thing leads to another and I discover I can watch The Beatles on Youtube! Now this is amazing but it lead me to think about the changes in my lifetime. When I was 12 and The Beatles hit the airwaves I spent hours listening to the radio, praying they would play them then I got a record player and their records and spent every waking moment listening to them. Their movies were a HUGE big deal but just imagine if at 13 back in 1965 I could have logged on whenever I felt like and watched them on a screen???? I just can't imagine the sheer hysteria there would have been.
So much has changed, so many exciting new toys and boy oh boy am I glad that I have kept up with all the new stuff because this is all so exciting.

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