Sunday, 24 June 2007

I not only heard the word snow.....

Well I not only heard the word snow...I saw it, felt it and suffered the stress it caused me!
Friday night around 5.30 (about the time I started work) it started to the city....and boy did it snow. By 9.30 the hill suburbs were just about impossible to get to and by the time I left work around 12.30 it was a no go zone. So Faye, who had come to the restaurant when she finished work at 11p.m, ended up staying the night in a hotel. It was fun except we were worried about the fact that Gus and Yodi (two cats) were inside at home with no food.

However Faye went back to work at 7am and by 10 I was trying to get up the hill, that proved impossible and after three attempts I gave up and went and waited with her.
A very nice guy from the local four wheel drive club brought us home about 3 and that was it. The snow was real deep up here and by 5 the hill was once again impossible to drive on.
So yes a very gorgeous looking weekend but fraught with danger and it looks like it's not over yet.
Ah well have now had some photos processed so I'm off to scrap them...well what else is there to do on a cold winters night? And those photos are gorgeous and will go well with my new Fancy Pants papers,ribbons and chipboard that I bought last week.
Ciao for now!

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