Tuesday, 12 June 2007


Well thankfully after a very cold start the sun is shining today and it looks very pretty outside. I'm pleased that it's warm outside for another reason, Gus can go and lay in the sun on the deck. The poor wee man hated it yesterday, he can't stand the cold and detests snow so yesterday he spent inside looking miserable, but today he's happy.
It's interesting how the weather changes human's moods as well. Last night it was dark by 4.30 and it had already started freezing. The lake in the park had been frozen all day and despite the best efforts of every passing school boy it had not cracked all day. At 5pm when I went to the supermarket I had this dreadful feeling of impending frost and ice and this was making me unexplainably nervous. When i went to bed at around 11 I couldn't sleep for worrying about what the roads would be like this morning etc etc. As it happened they weren't too bad and the sun was out by 10 and the day is gorgeous, and I'm questioning why I was so concerned. Is it because as you get older you are more aware of the things that can go wrong, or is it that you start to feel not quite so " ten foot tall and bullet proof?" What ever the reason it is very real concern at the time.
I guess as I work nights I'm very aware of the dangers of driving home in the ice and when all you want to do is snuggle under the duvet the thought of having a scary ride home does make you nervous.
Anyway enough doom and gloom it is a gorgeous day and I think coffee on the deck is the answer..... I'll go and join Gus, but I'll sit on a chair.

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