Monday, 2 July 2007

A New Month

I can't believe that here we are in July...where has the year gone. It was away back in February when we decided to go to Christchurch to celebrate June's birthday and it seemed so far away and now it's just two weeks away and I can't wait. Apart from the three of us being on holiday together the highlight for me at the moment is going on the Trans Alpine train trip, especially now when we have had all this snow. I'm also looking forward to going to Sezn. Johnny Shwass's new restaurant. Should be very cool. It's a bit nerve wracking going to restaurants though cos I can't relax I just want to absorb it all. and I sit there and compare (good and bad), make mental notes about things we could do (or not do) at work....ah well I guess it's all part of the fun.
Really wanted to do some scrapping over the w/end but I just didn't seem to stop all weekend, today's looking about the same....maybe tomorrow. I have two bags of scrap shopping that I haven't even had time to open yet and the Fancy Pants papers , ribbons etc that arrived from ScrapbookingbyDesign that I'm dying to play with and just can't quite get to it. :(

Saw a neat movie last night called J'Taime Paris, a very cool wee movie. A lot of short films ,most of them 5 mins max) all set in the different districts of Paris. Fantastic for a Paris freak like me who would soooo love to go to Paris. Ah well (sigh) one day maybe!
But right now I better move, heaps to do, places to go.... moving on....RIGHT NOW!
Ciao for now!

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