Monday, 23 July 2007

Scrapper"s Block

Crazy I know but a question, why is it when you don't have time to scrap and create you think of all these fabulous ideas and then we you have time to do all these things your mind just goes blank?
Came back from holiday with all these cool ideas, new stamps, albums, chipboard etc etc and every time I get really creative as soon as I sit down at my scrap table my mojo goes and I'm left fiddling around trying to make something work and just getting frustrated!
Mind you tonight the TV kept distracting me, Desparate Housewives and the final of Men in Trees. Oh well another day tomorrow to play.
I really want to make some cards and try all the ideas I have for The Cuttlebug, Faye's been making some beautiful cards with it so maybe I should start there and get some creativity flowing .... yes that sounds like a good idea.

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enyadas_mum said...

Totally can relate to scrap block.... and ideas.. then pfft there gone... sigh. We all try to create that extra special... whom for but our own satisfaction... yup