Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Just catching up

Well I feel like it's been a creative few days, been making cards and trying lots of new things.
Actually finished a layout, yes finished it, and started another which is 99.99% finished, just got to add a couple of flowers. Been cool cos Faye's been home and we have both been beavering away having fun creating. She's gotten back into her Parchment Craft and oh boy there is something amazing happening there at the moment, can't wait to see it finished.
Now , a thought, I have changed the radio station I listen to while I'm working, from More FM to The Breeze, and I can't get over the difference it makes. The stuff on More Fm seems to be very repetitive and although I like the new stuff listening to the Breeze takes my thoughts to other times, memories and feelings I'd long forgotten. What I'm saying is that it's great "Scrapbooking" music. Yes well that's my thought of the moment..
Will upload some pics of the new stuff soon but right now must get ready for work.

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