Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Jonah Lomu

Was just listening to out local radio station MoreFM, and they are having a competition at the moment where a celebrity calls someone and tells them that they have won $5000.00. Well this morning the celeb was Jonah Lomu and once again I was blown away by how amazing this guy is. All the other celebs that have been on so far have sounded like they were reading a script pretty much, but not Jonah, he chatted to the lady about him being in France for the world cup, and being out for dinner, then after he told her she had won he was genuine in his excitement for her win. He never hung up till she had calmed down a little and his concern that she was ok could be heard in his voice.
Now I have had met this guy twice, I worked in a hotel where the All Blacks stayed and he totally blew me away both times I met him. So humble, with a wonderful manner. I felt privileged to meet him.
Just the thought of the moment. For interest sake check out Jonah's story on his web-site.

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