Wednesday, 3 October 2007

So...Is this Spring?

Well the look on Gus's face say's it all? What gives with this weather???? It is supposed to be spring, Sunday (after a gorgeous day) they were waxing lyrical about how we could expect this weather to stay now into March, making this a long and hot summer. Something we have'nt really had for a few years. Well I wished they hasn't voiced there opinion quite so soon because now we have gone straight back to winter, in fact it's hailing and snowing out there. Can't believe it really.
His face reflects my mood as well, feel kinda down today, just wishing life could be simple, but I guess it's not meant to be. Maybe I just have to face the fact that I no longer have the heart for arguments and unpleasantness and this just seems to be the way things are at the moment, well at work anyway. I've never been able to understand why in an industry where God knows there are pressures enough to keep the public happy, the staff can't just get along and make it as supportive as possible for each other, but unfortunately at the moment it's just not happening and I feel like "piggy in the middle". Oh well enough, moaning I guess, can't change anything.
Tomorrow is going to be a better day, going to take my best friend out to lunch to celebrate the end of her stint doing a very complicated job. Saturday she'll be back in her own little office doing what she loves. I so admire her, she's put herself in a very stressful position to help out and she's made it. You go girl.
Right I think it's time to have a coffee, get dressed and go out, yes nothing like spending money to make you feel better.

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