Thursday, 13 December 2007

Cricut Cricut Cricut!

Wow! What a busy time of year to get the Cricut to play with. Was so deetermined to not start making cards until it arrived and now every time I settle to polish off the card list ...LIFE GETS IN THE WAY LOL! To start with the restaurant has gotten so busy the nights are very late which means that I can't just dive out of bed in the morning early, my brother's been in hospital so he's needing attention, which of course I don't mind but ooh that table gets moving away from me... However have had time to find out that the Cricut is awesome then they go and release the Design Studio. After downloading the trial on Sunday and trying all day Monday to make it work..(must have DPI at normal 96 setting) we finally managed to have a play and cut some bits. This is truly amazing, beyond fantastic. Then yesterday morning Elena rang and said she had the software in stock.... so yes now we have that to play with as well. Yes I really feel there is a Santa Claus. Now just need to wiggle my nose and find some extra hours and all will be cool.
As I'm sitting here writing this I'm compiling a list of what I need to do today and mmmm might get some sneaky "create time".
How does every one else cope with their creative urges at this time of year when I'm sure there are less hours in the day.
Anyway have included a couple of cards I made one using the Design studio and both using the Expression.Oh and the "sleigh one" I have Cuttlebugged the background paper.
Hope everyone is enjoying the rush and bustle but still having time to create.

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