Thursday, 27 December 2007

Erin Zammet Ruddy

I have been reading the blog of Erin Zammet Ruddy, one of the editors of Glamour Magazine who was diagnosed with CML (chronic myloid luekemia) about the same time as me or maybe slightly before, she was put onto Gleevac around the same time as me and I have followed her progress with very intense interest because is really young, in her 20's, recently married and wanted to have a baby which is not possible on Gleevac, but in a ground breaking move her doctors have taken her off Gleevac to allow her to get pregnant and give birth to a beautiful baby boy. This is totally amazing because until now the thought of taking a luekemia patient off Gleevac was unheard of. Once again I am amazed at the leaps modern medicine has made in this field, Gleevac is as close as they have yet to come to a cure and for someone to have that normal a life is wonderful... Erin you are a star and I wish you well.
To more mundane stuff it is absolutely pouring here again doesn't the weather man know it's summer??? I have a winter jersey on and the heater, oh well the Chrissie lights look gorgeous I guess. Was going to finish the Christmas book I started last night but I have sat in front of the telly and the heater not wanting to move except to get another chocolate LOL. Oh dear my New Year resolution no 1 will have to be "Finish what you start Before you get bored with it. Just might go do a bit while I'm in the mood.

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