Saturday, 19 January 2008

Another Week....

Can't believe it's Jan 19th. Seems no time since we were planning for Christmas and now it's mid January again, a time I call "Blah-time". The excitement of Christmas is over and it feels like that "starting all over again " feeling is back. Which makes me realise that I hate starting something, I love when I'm in the middle but am slightly sad when it's finished. I always have trouble starting something which is where I'm at at the moment.
Have this idea to make some "scrappy things" to sell but just can't seem to get in the groove. It's crazy cos I have all these ideas but they just won't happen....
Maybe I start too many things at once, but sometimes I just can't help myself an idea happens and it's all I can think about. Do other people have this problem? Does anyone have a cure for it? Lol.
Anyway back to my day I think the washing machine just beeped....time to start another load.

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