Sunday, 6 July 2008

Slow Cooker Site

Right cool, it's stopped snowing, the motor-way's open, the world has returned to semi-normal. Yesterday was very interesting here in Dunedin, the main exit over the Northern Motor-way was closed on and off most of the day, and then at 5.30 they closed it for the night. Now that can cause some mayhem in the hotel industry believe me, thank heavens it wasn't next week end with the big All Black Test here..... oh boy I can't imagine the chaos, (don't want to actually it's too scary).
However I have found this very cool site that I have been using a lot since we bought our slow cooker. We have got the Alison and Simon Holst one, which is very good but this site has some of the good old-fashioned comfort food type recipes which you just need at this time of year. I can definitely recommend the "Old Fashioned Beef Stew" and their Lamb Shank recipe is fab. MMM that's one of the things I love about winter is yummy food.... but then I do in Summer/Spring/ Autumn tooo! Ah well I guess that's another side effect of being in the restaurant industry you are surrounded by foodies LOL. Anyway the site is Slow Cooker Recipes.
It's an Australian site so the ingredients are all readily available here.
So now back to putting my layout together that I started yesterday afternoon, yes I actually scrapped, can't believe it myself, thought my Mojo had left town... but no it's amazing what a little bit of "Scrap-lifting" will do.

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Anonymous said...

ok take 2 - something happened to my last comment. Glad your city back to normal with all the snow, we had the game here last night and was REALLY cold, but not enough for Snow. Also thanks for the site,,,, am new to the whole slow cooker thing and am always looking for new ideas.... have the cookbooks but more ideas all good. mandyb