Tuesday, 21 October 2008

I made it.....

I made it and I'm still smiling. What a weekend, Saturday I worked from 2pm till 2am Sunday morning and in that time I never actually sat down, LOL. I didn't realise until I got into my car to come home that I hadn't actually sat down the whole time. But I guess when you are responsible for someone's big day that's how it is. The wedding at the hotel went really well, the restaurant looked beautiful, the couple were totally gorgeous, the staff did an awesome job, I was really proud of them, the only thing that didn't follow the script was the weather. It did stop raining long enough for them to have their ceremony in the garden by the fountain as planned but most of their photo plans were ruined. However none of the disappointment was of our doing so I'm very happy. Phew!
The only disappointment of the weekend was that I couldn't go to our Scrap Day on Sunday because I had to work, was looking forward to catching up with the girls and planning our scrap camp next year. I'll get in quicker next time and take the day off. ( If you girls are reading this could you let me know the date for the next one so that I can get in early.
And on another exciting note two weeks yesterday we will be off to Christchurch and Akoroa, I can't believe it's nearly here. It seems ages since we planned it and now we are just about away.... I'm excited.
The only thing I'm not excited about is having to leave Gus in the cattery, they are very good and take good care of him but I always worry that he's going to think he's been left again and we are not coming back.... probably silly but then that's me.

But now must go, I have the night to myself and I am going to scrap...... well that's the plan. :)

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