Friday, 2 January 2009

Gus Collage


Now that I've found this new toy I can't stop playing with it, it's very cool. I know you can do similar in Photoshop Elements but it takes a long time , this is so easy. I love the way all your photos are available on the side bar, actually I think it's found some of the ones I lost off the storage drive... the wonders of computers eh?.
These are of course all Gus pics, most of them taken around 2004. Looking at these make me realise he's starting to look older, still fabulous but definitely older.
It has been absolutely pouring here, wow that rain sure came down. Hopefully that's the end of it.
I'm going to work at 7oclock and I want to go and play at my table but scared to in case I forget the time, it's so easy to lose yourself when your home alone.... might set the alrm on my phone... mmm good idea.
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Anesha said...

What a beautiful cat! Thanks for the comment on my card.