Thursday, 22 January 2009

Sneak Peeks...

Just found some sneak peeks of some of new releases at CHA. These ones drove me insane, they are Prima and out of this world.
You just have to see them to believe them, oh boy am I drooling....want them NOW!

And these from Seven Gypsies are pretty cool too, although nothing comes close to the Prima stuff for me.

Well I think that's enough teasing myself with what I can't have for now, LOL. I want to get to my table tonight my head's buzzing with ideas. Sam, my niece, sent us a gorgeous photo of herself yesterday, after I got over the shock of realising that gorgeous young lady was my baby niece, my head went into scrap mode of course. She starts boarding school next week so I have a little project I want to make for her to take with her, so she knows I'm thinking about her always. On that front we are meeting them in Timaru to take her to school... how do I feel about that??? Excited, nervous and more, but I can't wait to see them that's for sure. And of course I will take the danger of having nothing to scrap at Scrap Camp, I'm in planning mode.
Must go watch the news cos I'm definitely not Obama'd out I could listen to that man speak forever.

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