Friday, 2 October 2009


What a dreadful disaster in Samoa, the more I hear on the radio and tv about the devastating aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami earlier this week. It's hard to believe what it would be like to be in this horrible situation. We must all give what we can to disaster relief for these people and pray that somehow they will eventually be able to rebuild there lives.
On a much lighter note it's my day off and I'm thinking to go and start putting my scrap room back together, since moving it to another room it's been pretty much chaos, I've been so busy playing with the rest of the house I haven't ventured in there but the call of the paper is getting really strong so I feel the time has come to sort it out so I can get some scrapping done, starting to get heaps of ideas again so I guess the break has been good.
Work has been busy, been learning reception and on the whole I enjoy it but boy it's a long time since I've had to stretch my brain and remember so much....working in the restaurant is so natural it just happens but having to remember stuff is hard work, I guess it's been good for me though.
Anyway off to put the washing on the line....and yes they are predicting snow this weekend....ah spring!

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