Saturday, 3 April 2010

Continuing Story...


Well we have done some more to our dining room, we have painted the bench wall, well actually we have "Rag Rolled" it which is quite fun once you get the hang of it. We chose the pretty blue/green colours cos they match the curtains. It's not such a great photo but in real kife it looks really cool. I just love it, it kind of has that "formica table" look to it sometimes and others it looks like clouds, now we have to paint the cupboards just one colour, the soft "duck egg "blue/green. They are all from the Dulux "Colours of New Zealand" range...well what else?
Still really loving this renovation stuff, just keep coming up with ideas, but then I thought that would be the case cos really it satisfys all the creative stuff lol! Speaking of creative stuff I really must start getting myself organised for Scrap Camp, only 4 weeks away. I sent some photos off to harvey Norman the other night so that's a start. I know I will be doing an album, ( got a wooden Kaisercraft one in the shape of a house), recording all the renovations, and I want to finish the one I started for my brother with photos of us as kids as well as some pics of family etc etc.
Apart from that I've had some random ideas but I really must focus and start putting supplies together.
I find I have amazing ideas for pages/books etc when I don't have time to write them down, it's so frustrating trying to remember that great idea.
It's raining really hard tonight and I'm so grateful for our new roof it really is amazing not to have to have to run around putting down towels and wondering how much longer the roof will hold up, it really has been an amazing year.
One more photo, of course of Gus, I went out to photograph the bench and he "posed" on the table..... such a dude.
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