Saturday, 29 May 2010

What a week....

it's just rained continuously and there have been so many rain induced problems, road closures, slips etc etc. I suppose the good thing is it was supposed to snow and hasn't here yet. I've had a busy week, managed to play in my scraproom for a whole day on Monday which was wonderful. Want to go back in there now but need to go get groceries, and pellets for the fire, then it will be time to go to work.....ho hum!
The rain has taken it's tole at work, some of the rooms are flooded and the restaurant is leaking, making everything seem cold and miserable, and worse when we know we have a long way to go to spring.
On the bright side I keep having some very creative ideas so really looking forward to my days off this week.
I went to sleep last night thinking how lucky we are to have had the new roof fitted last year, with all this rain we've had this last week we would have very definitely been flooded out so that's my focus today, Be grateful for the good bits because they sure make up for the bad!.
Now off to do the chores. Ltr.

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