Thursday, 8 July 2010

So last night....

don't know whether I was channeling Julia Childs, or not but I spent the evening in the kitchen cooking, watching the movie "No reservations", probably should have been watching "Julie and Julia", but however I had a ball. I made this gorgeous Banana Bread that is in this month's Healthy Food Magazine. It uses Healtheries Baking Mix and is absolutely gorgeous. While I was on the job I made Rhubarb Fool, which is also in this month's Healthy Food guide. We tried the Rhubarb fool at lunch time and it is absolutely gorgeous. It is so nice to have something really yummy that tastes like it should be totally decadent but in actual fact is really not and actually good for you.
The Banana Bread is really good as well, tried it last night.
So this trying to be healthy kick has proven to be really good. I have found that it's been actually inspiring to find new ways of doing things and in actual fact using the Weight Watcher's cookbooks as well as the Healthy Food guide books, that the food and the cooking has been much more interesting because we don't just do the same old thing all the time. I love food and I love to cook and this has made that all very much more exciting but in a healthy way.
On another note, this afternoon is proving to be rather special. The fire's on, Gus is spread out on the couch and Mozart is on the stereo, somehow the combination of a winter's afternoon, the fire, the cat and Mozart is totally delicious. It's funny how things like this really can effect your mood and give you a huge sense of contentment.
Might go and scrap for a while I think.

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Mrs Frizz said...

Banana bread ... now that sounds yummy and I'm quite partial to rhubarb ... hmmmmmm!