Saturday, 30 October 2010

Halloweeen Thoughts.

So tomorrow is Halloween. I must admit it's not really a holiday I had ever celebrated until I got a computer in 2001 and discovered the internet and through that discovered all the American crafting sites, one of which was the "PC Hugclub", and they produced all these very cute digital images that could be bought and downloaded for use on any paper-crafting project. I was just discovering scrap-booking so these were like a gift from heaven to me.
But anyway back to Halloween, in 2002 when I was really sick, having been diagnosed with Chronic Myloid Leukemia, and on very nasty treatment I spent a lot of time on the computer seeking all sorts of crafting ideas and I realised how many cool things could be done to celebrate Halloween in a crafty way.
Well I wasn't doing so good so in the days leading up to Halloween my dear friend Faye, came up with a plan, and began making little boxes, printing off ghosts and goblins and by Halloween we had orange and black decorations in the windows, goody boxes loaded with sweets and the neighbourhood kids had been "tipped off". Some of my workmates popped in with nieces and nephews and the kids in the street scored big time at our house, and me I had a ball, something of a rare thing that year but I had a really cool night and forgot how sick I felt.
All of the kids have moved away now and our neighbourhood is pretty much kid free sadly but I still feel a buzz when I think of that night and how much trouble Faye went to make it special. Friends really do touch our hearts.
So I'm tempted to make some boxes tomorrow and fill them with sweets......just in case.
Happy Halloween.

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