Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Been awhile...

since I posted here but I've been busy. Had a week away in Moraki staying here, a gorgeous little cottage right across from the harbour and of course Fleur's wonderful restaurant, which of course we had to visit. We went for lots of walks, sat in the sun and had a couple of day trips to nearby Oamaru and then went to Christchurch for just one night.... it was all heavenly, however I don't feel like I've stopped since I came back. Work's been chaotic and looking like to's going to get worse if the next few weeks bookings are anything to go by..... oh well it'll soon be Christmas.
Anyway by way of stress relief I've been making cards with my gorgeous Magnolia stamps and am totally hooked. (Got some more coming by way of an early Christmas pressie methinks).
I have really been going nuts with these cards, I was struggling to come up with ideas for scrapbook pages but the inspiration for these cards seems endless at the moment. The one on this post I used the Cuttlebug embossing "Christmas Tree" folder and then cut around the embossed edge, just love the result.
As I say I seem to be on a roll and have started thinking I need to actually do something with them, it has been suggested that I should sell them and I'm thinking I might and donate the profits to a charity. Any ideas how to go about this would be appreciated.
Anyway off to have a play before work.
Thanks for stopping by.

On a serious note my heart goes out to the people of Greymouth who have that dreadful disaster going on in the mine, can only hope that prayers work and they are rescued soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Liddy,
Your card is so beautifull. I have also loved the christmas tree and your coloring.
I have a lot to learn with you !!!!

mandyb said...

wow i am loving this card....you are really getting into it!!!!

glad you enjoyed the get-away!!!!

Deeanna said...

Another beautie. great job...