Sunday, 26 December 2010

So another Christmas day done

and dusted, wow seems like a blurr really. Up at 5.30 at work by 7am, hugely busy day in the restaurant. A tour for breakfast, 40 happy Australians, all very happy and ready to celebrate Christmas and suddenly another "day at the office" became special and I reminded myself what day it was LOL! But not too much time to reflect because there was the breakfast cleanup and then to reset the restaurant and make it look gorgeous (and it did), ready for our 80+ diners we had coming for Christmas Lunch. Lots of table carrying down the stairs, cutlery washing and polishing, napkin fluffing later and it looked amazing. All tables laden with foil wrapped chocolates, sparkling glassware and Christmas serviettes and suddenly we were ready and it was Christmas. The buffet was laid out in the bar area, the white clothed tables trimmed with pretty Fairy lights and lots of Christmas serviettes laid out in Patchwork stars decorated most surfaces and it looked magic. Of course silly me forgot my camera, but Aleisha took lots of photos and has promised faithfully to email me some....can't wait.
So by 5.30 I was home with my friends and ready to celebrate Christmas, but I hadn't taken into account how tired I would feel so although it was a lovely meal and a really nice night it was very low key.
And now today, well off to work soon and normally Boxing Day is very quiet but tonight we have a large party coming in so I guess it won't be. Ah well time to go have a shower and put the party face on again.....
Hope everyone is having an awesome Christmas.

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mandyb said...

sounds like a really busy day!!! YAH for the quiet evening. Merry christmas (belated) xx