Friday, 28 January 2011

A roller-coaster week...

it has been around here. My dear friend, who I share the house with, had to re-apply for her job due to restructuring, and it has been a week of doing CV's, planning interview techniques and general stress. The poor girl was beside her self by yesterday morning when she was having the interview, to the point that she had a complete mind blank, and was determined the interview went so badly she wouldn't get her job. So last night was very stressful and sad, just watching how scared she was. However this morning she was told that she was successful and she keeps her job. Yah for her because she has worked incredibly hard learning the skills to do this job and she loves it, so in the end a happy ending.
So today has been an awesome day, lunch with her and her sister to celebrate, and now she's sound asleep lol! What stress can do to you eh?
Hope everyone has an awesome weekend.


mandyb said...

YAh for the job good to hear this after all that wait!!!

Sonya said...

Pleased to see that everything turned out well in the end! Thankyou for the sweet comments you left on my blog :-)