Wednesday, 5 January 2011

So Day Off...

today and tomorrow AND the next day! After last night I feel I've earned it thats for sure. I just wish that when groups (tours) of 50 were dining together they would realise that it is huge pressure on the kitchen to produce 50 meals (3 course) all at once, to a perfect standard and to get them out within an half an hour of them seating, it's no mean feat and all that is asked of them is to sit (as a group and all at the same time)!!!!! Ah well I've been wishing for this miracle for many years and it hasn't happened yet, so I don't think it will but boy it will be a happy day when it does. Last night was diabolical, the tour we had in included two children who proceeded to go around all the tables "licking the cutlery"! Yep you read right, the mother couldn't understand why I was upset about it either which kinda made it worse.
Oh well that was yesterday, today is mine and my little craft room, with freshly washed floors, is calling me so I am going to play.
Just bought a couple of digital stamps from Mo's Pencil, so hoping they will arrive in my inbox real soon. But until then I'm off to Tilda!

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mandyb said...

some parents need a SHAKE!!! how silly!! and naughty of those kids.... i'd be furious if that was my children...but having worked with children for 15+ years... i have worked out some parents DONT get it!!! at all!!!

enjoy your days off