Wednesday, 16 February 2011

So a revelation....

The last few days, well make that weeks, have been a bit strange for me. No matter where I was or who I was with, I kept getting this feeling of total "disconnect", even when I was with people I love I didn't feel connected, I felt that people didn't really want me around, were only being nice etc etc. I have not been able to do anything creative, I'd look at my stuff and think "what am I supposed to do with that", yeah horrible.
Even a couple of weeks ago when my best friend and I went to Greta Valley to see my sister and family, I wandered back to the house, we rented, and watched the news, convinced they didn't want me there. Eventually, after they had made some desperate calls, I went back to the hotel where she works and joined them for dinner, but still this feeling of disconnect.
And my memory, wow, the other day in the mall, couldn't think how to get back to the car. S-C-A-R-Y !!!!
But on Monday night, was watching telly and suddenly this fog lifted, I felt like me again, I was laughing at the programme, "Amazing Race" actually enjoying it.
I went to bed, feeling totally different and awoke yesterday feeling like a new person.
Then I got to thinking about my birthday, On Monday I was 59, and it got me thinking. Even though back in 2002, when i was diagnosed with Leukemia, with the ensuing treatments my periods stopped, it didn't mean that I had bypassed all the other side effects of menopause ah ha! So now I've stopped panicking, thinking clearly and have decided to look at these symptoms differently, if they return, so far they haven't.
I guess what I'm trying to say is, don't always look on the black side, don't always think the worst, there maybe a simple solution, oh and my creativity is back, had a ball at my table to follow.
Ltr, have a good day!


mandyb said...

so glad you are ok!!! some days are just BLAH!!!!!!!!!!! glad you now know why!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Liddy, good to know you're feeling better. We love having you at Scrap Sundays! You always make us laugh. If symptoms do return I've had friends recommend black cohosh which is a herb you can get at one of the natural food shops. One of my really good friends said there were days where she could have killed herself and she felt like she needed to be locked up - really strange thought patterns, but really real when hormones start changing. She found black cohosh REALLY helped. Hugs Naomi