Wednesday, 30 March 2011

So today...

it's back to work so limited time to play :(. But I have been checking out some of the amazing work out there in blog land and wow it's amazing how all around the world, like-minded people can share ideas, encourage each other and just "ooh and ahh" at all the beautiful things people do. How lucky to have the internet.
So yesterday I had to take Gus back to the vet because he's still snuffly and he's licked all the skin off his beautiful little nose, she's given him some different pills, so we'll see how they go. Poor wee boy, I guess flat nosed Persians are susceptible to breathing problems but I hate to see him unhappy, at the moment he's laying on the deck in the sun so he's enjoying that.
But before I have to get ready for work I'm going to sneak five at my

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