Monday, 25 April 2011

Thought for the Day!

The tougher the day,
Giving birth or going into hospital with cancer-
the more important the clothes.
How to face the world, one dress at a time!.

I read this quote in a book today and it struck a chord with me, because I really feel it's so true.
When I was facing all those scary hospital appointments, when first diagnosed with CML, and still now when I see my specialist, the effort into how I look is greater than any other time.
Except for the day when I was so out of it on the medication and sick and miserable cos I was losing my hair, that I refused to get dressed and went to my appointment in my PJ's LOL!
But anyway that's my Thought for the Day!

1 comment:

mandyb said...

sometimes its gotta happen...pj's or not!!!
love it!!!