Wednesday, 15 June 2011

It's a cold wet

wintry day here in Dunedin New Zealand, and Gus has just walked up and sat in front of the fire and looked at me with that pathetic little look as if to say " I think we need the fire on" and yes I caved and lit it. I must admit I'm in need of a bit of cheer myself this morning, still struggling with decisions about the renovations and not sure how to go forward. It all seems such a drama to start again with more quotes, more waiting for builders who don't show up and more scary decisions, but hey I guess it's not all that when you compare it to the poor people in Christchurch, how awful that must all be and still they are having big aftershocks. You just can't imagine what it must be like, and you just want to do something to help....mmmm that might have made up my mind what to do today.


mandyb said...

nothing like warmth (from a fire) on a cold/wet day!!! enjoy!!!

Chef Logan McPherson said...

go gus!!!