Monday, 8 August 2011

Another Week....

has rushed by, I have not idea where the time goes at the moment. It's been super busy at work, what with our annual Jazz and Shiraz Dinner
last week adding to the business, there hasn't been much time to do anything else. We did manage to do a bit more "re-organising at home last week, so now the lounge is lovely and cosy with the big comfy couch by the fire, oh and the two chairs which Gus alternates between.
So this morning I bought a magazine called "Homestyle New Zealand" and have spent the morning reading it from cover to cover and checking out the list of blogs they have featured in the issue. These blogs belong to the very creative writers for the magazine and wow some very cool stuff to see. Unfortunately one leads to another and two hours have passed in contented drooling before I even noticed. So now I suppose I better think about lunch and getting ready for work.
Hope everyone's keeping warm and remember we are nearly into spring.....wahooo!

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mandyb said...

a morning with a magazine....sounds like bliss!!!
thanks for the kind words about family cat passing!!! havent heard how my nieces are doing!!! will find out soon