Monday, 26 September 2011


 I have been to Christchurch, well we stayed in Greta Valley, my niece was over for a holiday and it was amazing to catch up with her. I cannot believe she is 16! Such a gorgeous young lady with a wicked sense of humour.
However this post is about the walk we took in actual Christchurch on Friday, it was a beautiful spring day and it just highlighted the absolute devastation around us. I couldn't believe  what I was seeing, I have seen images on TV and in newspapers but the eeriness of being there was something I'll never forget. The city is deserted except for work crews, the sounds of demolition and the occasional truck.
Cars are still moving round the outskirts but in the city itself the roads are deserted, broken and blocked......unbelievable.

I mean you know it's bad from the TV and people's stories, but until you see it with your own eyes you can't take it in.
We meet this darling elderly lady walking down one street, she stopped to stare at a high rise which is being demolished and we stopped also, she spoke to us and explained how they were demolishing this building, but there is an order they have to to do it, because there are three buildings around it coming down and it has to be done in a particular order so that it is safe. She pointed out here apartment building along the road and explained that it has coped "marvelously" . Then she checked her watch and said she was off to play Bridge so must go, the irony in this stuck with me, in the middle of all this chaos this darling lady was focusing on living her normal life and true to her age timeliness is important. 
So I have been there. I have seen a very small part of the city and still I cannot take it in, to be in this amazing bustling city and only be able to hear diggers, drills and trucks is totally surreal......what can it be like for the people who live there?!!!!!


topkatnz said...

Like living in a ghost town and a war zone combined - fighting an unseen enemy, never knowing whats coming next.

mandyb said...

havent been back since the earthquakes but have heard this!!!
hard for all who live there alright!!!