Sunday, 2 October 2011

Mobile Blogging....

So yes Mandy it was 1.30am and I couldn't sleep, I had a couple of coffees yesterday, and since I have been not drinking coffee it kinda got me wired and I couldn't sleep. So just playing around with my phone and Voila! Discovered mobile Blogger so of course like a kid had to try it lol! Often I'll think of things to write on my blog when I'm away from my computer and then when I do get home my poor old memory has filed the idea under "forgotten" and it's maddening, so now if time allows I can "blog on the run"! Could make for some funny times at work methinks.
Anyway gorgeous day here, hope everyone else is getting a share of this.
I'm, believe it or not, off to play in my newly tidied and re- organised craft room.  

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mandyb said...

enjoy your clean scrap space!!!