Monday, 17 October 2011

Well here we are another Monday morning. It was a busy weekend with a wedding at work on Saturday and yesterday....well yesterday I did a Pink Breakfast walk! Yes me, can't believe it actually. It was organised by Norma from Weight Watchers and what an inspiring lady she is, however we started at the Mornington Tavern and walked for around 40-60 mins down the hill to Carisbrook and back up to the tavern for breakfast. It was amazing, by the time we were coming back up I was finding it pretty hard but I was determined to do it and I'm so thrilled that I did.  Actually considering I'd had about 4hrs sleep it was probably pretty good, I told Faye that next year she's coming too!
So another week, maybe a bit of a scary one, I have an appointment with my specialist on Wednesday about changing my medication, the one I'm on has decided that it's getting bored with fighting white cells  (maybe it's got involved with the rugby!!!!), anyway they are going to change my meds to the new wizzy drug that's around so time for a new adventure I guess.
However I'm determined that I'll take it in my stride and do whatever it takes and my new mantra is NO STRESS! On Thursday last week when Faye and I went on our road trip to Timaru we talked a lot...well she talked for once I listened, about the effect stress can have on my condition so I am determined to "go with the flow" and not let things get me down.
I definitely took that on board on Saturday at work, normally a wedding is really "hi-stress" but I had a ball and still it went like clockwork.
Oh I didn't mention the reason for our trip to Timaru, we went to check out Artful Crafts....oh boy is it an amazing shop, so many gorgeous things but it's the work displayed around the shop that is so exciting, well worth the trip just to see that. Of course came home with goodies.....
So right now I think I might squeeze in some playtime before work.
Enjoy your day.


topkatnz said...

The pink walk sounds great:) best of luck for your week to come - hope it all goes well.

mandyb said...

cool that pink walk sounds fun!!! hope your week goes well and YAH for a trip to a fun scrapbooking shop!!!