Friday, 4 November 2011

So November...

I can't believe that it's November already, this year has gone so fast. Although I must admit today you could be forgiven for thinking it was June, it's freezing and trying to snow. I really don't won't it to snow cos my bestie and I are going on a road trip tomorrow...yes another road trip, I am quite addicted to these at the moment. But this one is back to Timaru to revisit Artful Crafts, now that I know what gorgeous-ness awaits there I can't resist.
I have a list....oh dear and it keeps growing :)
I ordered a Cherry-Lyn ???(think that's right), die,  anyway it's the most gorgeous Butterfly die I have ever seen. But they also have all these beautiful Christmas papers out. OOh pleeese don't snow.
Right now I'm working on a Christmas Tilda hanger so I must get back to it, I want it done so I can get back to my cards.

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