Monday, 27 February 2012

Moeraki Holiday

Well it's been a big month for me, cos I turned ah shh! Oh what the hell, I turned 60!!!
I should be shouting it from the rooftops, at 50 I wasn't sure I'd see 60 but here I am! 
I'm normally very proud of my age, I like to think I'm still young and up with everything new, etc etc but for some reason it kinda knocked me sideways having to face the big 60!
Made worse by the card my darling brother sent me, emblazoned on the front a very pretty foiled, pink 60!!!!!
However I'm coming to terms with it....slowly.
My two best friends took me to Moeraki and we rented a cottage. The weather was horrible but we had a good time.  On my actual birthday we went to Oamaru and found this gorgeous Victorian tea-shop right situated in the old part of Oamaru where they have restored all their old 1800 era buildings to their original beauty. Most of them are operational and all are amazing, but I think the tea-shop was my favourite. The staff wear authentic Victorian outfits and the china is to die for. I was in seventh heaven.
At the entrance to the tea shop they have an area set up with all sorts of gorgeous original old pieces.
I tell you I was in heaven. Can't wait to go back, that's for sure.

And of course no trip to Moeraki would be complete without a trip to Fleur's restaurant.
That restaurant is amazing, the food is exquisite, the service fantastic and Fleur is pure inspiration. That lady works so hard, flitting around the restaurant every night and with her finger on the pulse you get the feeling nothing would ever go wrong.
I was privileged to have a conversation with her and was so inspired and impressed with here attitude and her passion.
I have started reading her book and am amazed and stunned at her journey.
Kelly, her wonderful Restaurant Manager, left a card and beautiful bottle of bubbly on our table, I was privileged to work with Kelly at Bell Pepper Blues, this guy really knows his stuff, and was amazing to work with.

But for now it's back to work, I'm sure it's not cos of my latest birthday, but at the moment I'm finding this increasingly difficult to cope with the pressure.
It seems that the faster you run, the further you have to go lol!
We had a wedding on Saturday night at work, which was a huge success and everyone was very happy, but I felt the pressure more keenly than usual. Of course being party week for the students on staff, we didn't have as many hands as we needed and this didn't help and I felt nervous until nearly the end.
Anyway, back to work this afternoon, and I have to say I'm already planning the next adventure.......maybe Thursday!

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mandyb said...

sounds like a great holiday/birthday!!!!