Monday, 5 March 2012

Monday Monday...

another week kicks in and it's really starting to feel very much like Autumn. I hate when the summer goes although I do love being able to have the fire on and make the house feel all warm and cozy and fill it with yummy smells.
I have just been checking a few of my favorite blogs and came across this feast for the eyes over on Deb's blog  I love her quilting but this particular post grabbed my imagination. The colours are gorgeous and the fabrics look so bright and day one day I will return to quilting.
I have made a deal with myself (yet again) that I must stop focusing so much on my job and do something every day that makes me happy, feeds my creative appetite and generally just lets me chill. Well that's the plan anyway now to make it work.
I have discovered a new radio station, it's called The Sound, and they play mainly 60's and 70's music, right now it's the wonderful Janis Joplin singing "Me and Bobby McGee, have always adored this song and just love Janis's voice. It gets me thinking, when this was on the charts, the world was such a different place, and I believed all things possible.....maybe time to get back to that way of thinking.
Anyway for now off to finish a card for my niece.
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