Monday, 7 May 2012

Well I've finally figured out why the internet keeps going off here, it's because the box on the wall has become loose, so now I just need to get that fixed permanent and all will be well again.
Well it's a whole week since Scrap camp and it was the best yet, so amazing. The girls who organise it, Naomi and Carol are absolute stars and of of course having Liz from Artful Crafts and her shop there this year was the icing on the cake.
I did more pages and cards this year than I've ever done, the creative energy in that hall was amazing. So three days and very late nights of pure heaven, there will be photos but right now I'm running. :(

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mandyb said...

how cool to have the artfull crafts shop AS your shop as camp!!! cool!!!

glad you have gotten the internet stuff sorted!!!