Monday, 6 August 2012

Midnight Ramblings.

Ten to two in the morning and I'm siting by the fire watching "My Kitchen Rules", I'm nowhere near tired. I have just come home from work, it was a huge night in the restaurant, a group of 135 spread over two rooms and what a success it was! the food was well received  and the atmosphere was great.
Such a feeling of satisfaction when you pull off the seemingly impossible.
I made a few important decisions tonight in the middle of everything. I decided that I have well and truly earned the right to express my expectations in how things are done and to make it clear when I'm not satisfied with the standard of service the staff are providing. Up till now I've made allowances for the fact that they are young and inexperienced in most cases but it seems to me that this becomes an excuse to slack off and not try. So with the thrill of success from a huge night I'm encouraged to stop settling for mediocre and pushing for excellence, because I know I can get them there.
Think I'm asking the impossible? Watch this space.

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mandyb said...

go liddy go!!!