Thursday, 29 November 2012


Confused! So very confused, my situation at work is so weird, everyone is treating me so strangely, like they're angry with me or something. No-one is treating me like they used to, I feel totally out of the loop, powerless to make decisions, everyone is making it clear I am no longer in charge, they are doing all the bits of my job that involve "desk work" and leaving me with the physical stuff which is what I shouldn't be doing. Oh hell this is so scary, I'm no longer even involved in deciding what shifts I work, my hours are about a quarter of what they were and it's getting scary financially!
Oh dear Blog-world thanks for letting me rant, I just need to make some sense of my world at the moment!


mandyb said...

oh no liddy....
is there someone you can talk to and ask what the heck is going on???
arohanui over this hard time xxx

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