Monday, 12 August 2013

Days Off.

So Yah for me I''m in the middle of three days off. Yesterday was a bit of a sit around read and get my energies back together after Saturday night at work, it was a big one but fabulous. We did a dinner and cultural night for a Brunei student group at work and it was fabulous. They were gorgeous people and so much fun to deal with, also I loved the costumes soooo beautiful, all the beading and beautiful fabrics. The thing that struck me most was that they were so enthusiastic about making the night a huge success and that everyone had a good time. And there wasn't a drop of alcohol in sight. So a big night but so worth it.
On a personal level I was so thrilled with myself, despite being super busy from the time I walked in the door till nearly midnight I felt absolutely fine, a far cry from last year when a night like that left me in big trouble, so clearly I'm back to my healthy, "tough as old boots" self.
So now I have today and tomorrow to play, I have some cool ideas I really want to try. I just love all the vintage stuff at the moment, especially the images. I have bought some from a site on Etsy and I'm very keen to try some of the amazing ideas I've been admiring around some of the amazing blogs I've discovered at the moment who are also going "very vintage".
So the thing now is to make a start and see where it takes me.....wahoo love "play days".

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