Friday, 23 August 2013

The Power of Shoes.

This canvas is a celebration of the start of my love affair with shoes. In the 1970's....yeah I know "long long ago", but anyway I worked at The Octagon Theatre in the Octagon Dunedin, and across on George street corner, there was a little slice of heaven called "Phillip's Shoe shop. They had the most amazing shoes all the new styles and colours and I was totally obsessed with them. Actually I was encouraged by the wonderful lady who ran the sweet shop at the theatre, her name was Dorothy and she was style from the top of her beautiful silver bee-hived hair to the soles of her exquisite platform shoes. Anyway there was hardly a week go by that I didn't pick up one pair of shoes and put another pair on layby.
I discovered that no matter what went wrong in your life, the right shoes could go a long way to fixing it.
Oh boy when I think of ushering in a full house (Upstairs no less) in some of the shoes I had, my mind boggles, but I loved the fun and glamour of it all. And actually all these years later none of the dire predictions people made have come true, I'm not in a wheelchair, and the best bit??? I still LOVE shoes. LOL.

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