Saturday, 12 October 2013

Just got to get through today......

and I'll have three days off, and boy do I feel I need them, I'm shattered lol!
I'm hoping to get some card-making done, I've got an idea taking shape on my table so that's a start.
But 4 weeks today my best friend and I will be heading for our Aussie adventure!!! Woohoo, sooooo can't wait. It'll be so exciting to see something different, and explore somewhere we've never been. Of course the main reason for going is super exciting in itself, my darling niece is graduation high school and she's invited us to be there. I'm gonna be the proudest Auntie in the hall lol!
And I have been checking out some of the highlights of the area so I do have a must see list, a must try list and a must buy list. But most of all I just can't wait for the adventure, to be somewhere different, seeing new sites and enjoying it all.
Four weeks! Wow that's gonna go fast!!!!!

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