Saturday, 9 November 2013

Three Sleeps To Go…..

Before we fly off to Brisbane and then drive to Surfer’s Paradise. Sooooo excited, nervous and impatient all at once lol!

So much to look forward to, going someone we’ve never been, being brave enough to drive in another country, (this is a biggie) but the biggest is seeing Sam graduate High School. This is such a big deal I can’t even explain.

And then we get to go back to Brisbane and explore this amazing city. I’ve been to Melbourne and Sydney but Faye has never been out of New Zealand so it’s going to be so huge for her.

We have been planning what we want to see and do but essentially I just want it to be an adventure that we totally love.

But there will be updates and of course there will be photos, so watch this space.

Anyone know where the Scrapbook shops are in Brisbane?

Watch this space.

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