Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Back to Scrapping....

and I have to say I'm loving it again. I had completely lost my mojo somewhere along the way, but I've definitely found it again. I guess after all this time it was only natural to lose the excitement but somehow it's back and this time when I think of an idea, it goes together really fast and I actually love the creative process again.
I'm so excited about going to Scrapcamp and just letting go of everything and playing in the creative process, like I did last night until 4am this morning. I know, crazy right? But it was fun and I love the canvas I created. I took some photos of the display in the Wall street Mall to celebrate Dunedin's ID Fashion week and just knew I had to do a canvas with them.
At the moment I seem to have so many photos I want to scrap and having a new printer is a big help when I want to do "in the moment" stuff.

But right now I have to go and help Molly find her large collection of balls which she loses all over the house, and then wanders around looking sad until someone finds them for her.
But who could resist this face?

So off on a ball search I go...


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