Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Can this be May?

It seems very strange to me that it is May. The weather feels more like October or even November, it is beautiful out there. The temp is around 17 dgs. on our deck. Have to say a little annoyed that I'm not out there, the lounge doesn't get sun and I had to come up to do the Roster for work. Kept putting it off cos I wanted to sit in the living room off the deck in the sun and scrap...damn that I'm soooo responsible. Anyway the rosters done now so I can go back out there. Maybe not to scrap though, must make Faye some lunch, she's got that nasty bug that's going around.
Hard to believe that it's June already, so excited soon it will be July and we'll be having our winter adventure in Christchurch. Yahoo can't wait.
Anyway for now it's lunch so laters.

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