Monday, 11 June 2007

It is the middle of the night. I came to "play on the computer" for half an hour about an hour and a half ago. But one thing led to another and I'm still here. Went to You tube to check out Paul McCartney's new song "Dance Around" and from there to John Lennon's site, wow that's a groovy site. Lots of gorgeous pics, quotes and videos. That brought me to tears, for some light relief went to check up on the latest news about Paris Hilton, OMG what a crazy carry on and yet I was curious, can't explain why but that's the way it is.
Then it was off to my fav scrap sites and then viola here I am.
It's freezing cold outside, the cat's water bowl on the deck was frozen over at nine o'clock, brrr.
Thank heavens I don't have to go any where early tomorrow.
Although I have discovered my new car handles really well in the ice, found that out on Friday night coming home so late (2am) after a very late night at work. Turns out the taxis stopped coming up the hill at 11 o'clock but totally unaware I just drove home.
Anyway I think tomorrow morning the park will be "picture perfect" very white and sparkly, so I'll get some more photos for the scrapbook I'm doing on the park.
They had the official opening yesterday....Gus wasn't very happy about that sound system I must say.
Anyway bed in now calling so better go, want to be up early in the morning.
Ciao for now.


mailformarianne said...

See my take on Paris Hilton at

Liddy said...

I agree with your sentiments and I also don't think she should be encouraged to "get as drunk as she likes" as this is illegal and also a very sad way to live. My question is how did she become such a celeb? I know she is rich etc etc but I'm staggered at the interest shown in this whole affair. I have been following the story and asking myself "why am I interested?' It's crazy how we get so wound up with all this. I don't think she should get special treatment after all the law is for everyone...or is it???