Saturday, 28 July 2007

Well I ask Ya!

Well the question has to be asked, How am I supposed to scrap with that big fluff ball on my table? Well actually I usually work in such chaos that it makes no difference. I'm not sure if it's the company he likes or the heat from the lights over the table, anyway this has become Gus's favourite place to sit when I'm scrapping.
Since we came back last Friday he's been just "hugs on four legs". I now realise he can't have been very well for awhile. I thought he was just being finnicky with his food but now that I think about it he was not interested in anything, and he's a cat that always responds when you come home, pat him or pick him up, he just loves his cuddles and before we went away he didn't care if you cuddled him or not.
So I'm very very grateful to the girls at Helensburgh vets for taking such good care of him and getting him back on his feet.
It kinda makes me think how we take things for granted in our busy lifes, our families, our friends and even our pets. We rush around and don't notice the little signs that suggest something maybe wrong, and sometimes even if we do we file it to be "attended to later". Sadly sometimes that can be too late so "note to myself" : Remember to take care of the little things cos when they turn into big things they take a lot more time and are a lot more stressful.
Anyway on a lighter note DigiMax has a new service now where they will scan old slides and put them on CD and also print them, very cool when like us you have some slides from the 70"s that you have always wanted to have printed. Am I going to freak out when I see how young we looked? Probably but then I keep telling myself age is just a number...tee heee wish I believed it.
Our holiday is nearly over. I go back to work on Tuesday. Sort of looking forward to it, sort of not. Got some stories to tell about the restaurants we went to in Christchurch and of course about the train trip. And the shopping ah yes. the shopping. '-)

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