Saturday, 4 August 2007

Catch Up

Why is it when I really really have the time, the motivation and the pics to scrap, the first thing I do is come to the computer to check out all my fav scrap sites and get involved in on-line gallerys, forums and idea sites and before I know it my scrap time has gone and I'm annoyed with my self for not getting anything done? LOL
However I do hope to get some scrapping done this weekend, so many new supplies, tool and toys to try so must see some results.
My challenge to me is that by Tuesday I'll have something to show for the weekend.
Very busy at work tonight, which is good. So very different to last year, it's hardly been quiet at all...... long may it last.
Lizzie if you are reading this we must catch up soon and when do you need these flowers by.

Now I'm off to actually do something.

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