Thursday, 23 August 2007

Clarissa Jane

This was a very special layout to do as it features a very special wee girl. Clarissa Jane was Faye's cat and she was a total angel and devil at the same time. She looked liked an Angel but boy oh boy cross her and you paid for it.LOL. She was the most devoted loving little girl and died way before her time, sadly I believe because of an error the vet made. But however she was a beautiful cat who brought a lot of joy and laughs during her relatively short life. She was part Chinchilla which is where the Smoke cats came from so she is kinda back now that we have Gus. Well there are elements of the personality and certainly the beautiful coat.
I did this layout using a layout guide which I downloaded from Pagemaps.
This is a very cool site with layouts for both scrap pages and cards. Worth a look when inspiration deserts you.
The papers are Kelly Pannaci, stamps Autumn Leaves, Flowers are Forever Flowers.
Happy to get this one done because so far it's been too hard to scrap Clarissa's photos but this might be the start.
Scrapbooking can be very theraputic I must say.

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