Monday, 27 August 2007

Phew it's Monday!

Wow am I stuffed? What a weekend, was lucky enough to go to Scrap Camp this weekend and boy oh boy it was a frenetic time. So many projects, ideas and new product to play with. Unfortunately I couldn't get Saturday night off work, and it was a hugely busy night so there was very little sleep between the two full-on days, but hey I don't care 'cause it was fun. Tired today though (evidence: Toffee Pops, Coffee and sticky pud in the fridge:) . I tend to eat to try and fight the tired, should go and sleep but want desparately to finish a couple of the projects from the weekend tonight.
Anyway there are some gorgeous new lines out: Making Memories has a new range called Eliza which I'm very fond of. Very "vintagey" and feminine, the Deja View range has some cool stuff as well.All and all it was a lot of fun and even though Sunday morning I thought I was going to lose it for awhile I really enjoyed myself.
So now off to finish something.
Ciao for now.