Saturday, 15 September 2007


My beautiful Gus.
This is a very special cat, (well aren't they all?) But Gus has had rather a sad life. He is a purebred, coming from prize winning parents he won his first Grand Champion ribbon at 6mths old. From there he won every time he was in a show, but then disaster struck and at 4 yrs old he found himself without his the Mum he'd known from a kitten. His owner died and he was left in the care of my uncle, who already had four cats and poor Gus spent most of his time in an outside cattery. And then fate took a hand, I contacted my uncle for advice because my beloved tabby who had been with me for 14yrs became ill and nothing seemed to work.
Rightly or wrongly my uncle could see a solution for Gus and when Jemmie died his first suggestion to cheer me up was that I should have Gus.(Which wasn't his name at the time). For a week I deliberated, all the time feeling guilty but knowing that this little man was going to have to get a new home, so finally I gave in and went and collected him. The poor wee man , by now 4yrs old, was so scared and my heart melted when I brought him home and watched him trying to figure this all out.
He had been in quite a few foster homes so he was a bit unsure but once he realised that this was for good he completely changed and his wonderful personality returned.
I don't show him, he is a retired champion, doing all the things he couldn't do before. he goes outside to play, he doesn't get bathed but we do brush and comb him and he is still beautiful.
He has the most wonderful nature and you just know that he loves ya to bits!
Yes life does take some sad turns but this turn has turned out happy for both of us. I just hope his "First Mum" knows how happy and how loved her beautiful boy is and I hope Jemmie doesn't feel that miss her any less.

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